SMTP Office 365 : How to benefit from my signature on mobiles/tablets?

The SMTP configuration for Office 365 enables the placement of your Letsignit signatures into all outgoing emails sent from any device. Ensuring you 100% of mobility.

How does it work?

The SMTP connector will create an inbound and an outbound connection between your Office 365 tenant and the Letsignit Microsoft Azure service data center. Only the emails generated in the selected tenant and domain names, will be treated by Letsignit.

Please note that in order to configure the SMTP Office 365 connector for your Letsignit account, it is necessary to make an appointment with our support team.

The SMTP service is based on a cluster of 3 nodes in the Azure architecture. This configuration ensures the high availability of the 3 nodes. 

This architecture adds a Windows service which enables the execution of necessary routines for creating the SMTP connector between Letsignit and Office 365. 

Important to note: The signatures cannot be seen in the body of your email, it will be placed into the email once the email has been sent.