Acronis Storage: "Cluster does not have CSE" error


 You have recently deployed Acronis Storage 2.x and are configuring Acronis Backup Gateway cluster with NFS backend.

  • You have provided credentials to your administrator account in the Registration in Acronis Backup Cloud step and clicked Next
    The "Cluster does not have CSes yet" error message appears:


Despite you are configuring Acronis backup Gateway with NFS backend, a fully functional Acronis Storage component is still required for the system to store Acronis Backup Gateway own files and information about the backups. 

Storage component should consist of at least:

  • 1 disk assigned with the Metadata role. Recommended disk size is100 GB.
  • 1 disk assigned with the Storage role. Recommended disk size is100 GB.


1. In WebCP, navigate to Nodes and click the box representing your Acronis Storage node. 

2. On the node page, click Disks.

3. Check the number of disks and assigned roles. It is recomended to have a total of 3 disks assigned with MetadataStorageand System roles. 

Example of recommended configuration:

  • If there are less than 3 disks present in your Acronis Storage server/VM, add one more drive and assign it with lacking role (Metadata or Storage)
  • If there are at least 3 disk present, however, some of the disks are not assigned any roles, assign the lacking role(s) (Metadata or Storage)

4. In addition to the above, configuration with 2 disks is also supported. In this case Metadata role should be assigned to the same disk with System
In this case System disk size should be strictly greater than 100 GB. 101 GB should be enought. 

If you have Acronis Storage installed on a VM and have expanded system disk to be larger than 100 GB, partition on this disk will not be extended automatically, thus assigning second role will not be avaialble. It is requred to either manually extend filesystem using parted/ext2fs command line tools or reinstall Acronis Storage (recommended)